"Are You Pissed-Off Because Someone Isn't
Paying Your Invoice?"
"How Annoyed Do You Get With Their
Lack Of Communication, Excuses And Lies?"

Dear Business Owner,

When you aren't paid for the work you've done, it's insulting and it costs you time, money and resources. Bill collection agencies can help you to recover your money faster - without all the stress, wasted effort and annoyance.

Collect Your Money Faster - Studies have shown that once an account is older than 90 days, the chances to collect it drop considerably. Bill Collection Agencies can scare your debtors into paying faster with the fear of credit rating damage. Bad credit can affect a person's or businesses's ability to obtain loans or credit.
No More Lies and Excuses - Stop wasting time and resources on debtor's who are taking advantage of your good nature. The games debtors play can cause emotional suffering in addition to the costs of lost revenues, time, labor, postage, paper, envelopes, ink, phone etc...
Focus On Your Business - Let Bill Collection Agencies be the bad guys while you do what you do best. You will recover more faster, have less annoyance and not have worry about creating liability by unknowingly breaking collection laws. Now it's your debtor's turn stress.

If you want to recover your cash faster and with less friction, enter your information for FREE instant access to a professional, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliant Bill collection agency.


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Bill Collection Agencies

Bill Collection Agencies